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IBO Community Code Contributions
Repository of code contributions by IBO users for downloading 'as-is'. We don't conduct QA on any of these items, but you are welcome to post to the list any questions, comments, suggestions you may have about them.

(75 Kb)
IBO Support 22-MAY-2007 The demo database MASTSQL.GDB renamed as MASTSQL.FDB, upgraded to Dialect 3, ODS 10.1
(496 Kb)
Dmitry Beloshistov 30-NOV-2004 BDSLib 2.7, Dmitry adds still more new components for use with IBO. Work with IB/FB metadata, HTML reports, user managment, standard IBO components extension and more...
(9 Kb)
Robert Levy 27 SEP-2004  
Delphi 5 package source for a designtime/runtime FBCrosstab component encapsulating a client-side parser that simulates a crosstab query when attached to an IBOQuery or IB_Query. Kit includes a demo app. Requires the free Project JEDI JCL libary.
(95 Kb)
Lorenzo Mengoni (latest)  
Lorenzo Mengoni's IBOAdmin service components (IBO conversion of the Borland IB Service.Components, with enhancements and bug-fixes)
(95 Kb)
Mark Pickersgill 25-JUL-2004  
Delphi 5 conversion of Lorenzo Mengoni's IBOAdmin service components.
Telesis Enhanced Components
(500 Kb)
Geoff Worboys 09-JUL-2004  
Suite of enhanced components for use with IBO, now available with full sources under a free licence.
(51 Kb)
Andreas Hesse
(& others)
16-JAN-2004 IB_Vtree for VirtualTree 4.0.17, bug-fixes and enhancements added (Memory Management for nodes (see Initialize, Finalize); no more invalid Pointer Exceptions when deleting nodes; pure Folder Tree mode: leave the FolderField empty and every node is treated like a folder; new property: HintField, for showing Hints in the tree; improve speed: cache BufferFields in TIB_Columns; new Exception, if a required Field is not configured). Tested with IB Objects 4.3a.
(7 Kb)
Paul Hope 28-AUG-2003 Descendent of TIB_Query, uses the field information contained in the query (like visible, display label, display format etc) to format the print. Smart multi-paging plus formatting, print-time properties, totalling. It is early days and hasn't had much testing - comments and suggestions welcome.
(19 Kb)
Gerard Visent 21-AUG-2003 IB Objects Broker (free, with source) for use with InstantObjects. InstantObjects is an object persistence framework written in Delphi with a mechanism for storing objects in a DB through specialised DB brokers - much faster than the standard IBX broker.
(4 Kb)
Tim Meneely 1-JUL-2003 TIB_Grid descendant with date handling similar to Quicken, where you can keep your hands on the keyboard (rather than the mouse) and press "t" for "today", "+" for "the next day", etc. Once you're used to it this is a very fast way to put in dates - August 2, for example, is "th==" ("today" - "end of montH" - "next day" "next day").
(21 Kb)
Rade Vojvodic 8-JUNE-2003 I made some changes for IB actions. Added some new actions from the search bar. Now it is possible to use speed buttons in combination with IB actions and to have great interface without loss in functionality that IB Bars have. If it's good, hope they will be a part of new sub-release.
(655 Kb)
Ales Kahanek 2-MAY-2003 TIB_TreeView component with demo and full sources. Not finished yet. Needs some development, maybe someone can continue with this effort ...
(25 Kb)
Rade Vojvodic 19-NOV-2002 IB_Filter Component(for IB_Query). It can be called to filter the data but it uses Filter and Filtered properties so it has limitations. It can't use Like..., Starting with.. and so on. If someone is willing to help making changes to the component to use SQLWhereItems instead Filter property I would be very glad.
(48.9 Kb)
Dmitry Beloshistov 10-OCT-2002 Dmitry's Component for compressing/decompressing files for storing in and retrieving from BLOBs in IB/FB. (Dmitry uses it for storing documents into databases.)
(6 Kb)
Carlos Alberto Panizza Updated
TIB_KeyNavigator changes the way the [ENTER] key works in database forms or grids. The user can use [ENTER] to navigate between controls in the form or columns in the grid, almost similar to the [TAB] key. It can also modify up/down navigation in grids to use PgUp/PgDn and allow use of Ctrl-Insert, Ctrl-Delete and Ctrl-Break for insert, delete and cancel respectively. Initial version uses as a start point the TKeyNavigator component presented in UNDU articles by Nikolay Botev and Bill Gray.
(60 Kb)
Thomas Steinmaurer 23-JAN-2002 TIB_OleContainer and TIB_JPEGImage. Two IBO native data-aware controls for Delphi 5 and Delphi 6. Demo applications are included. Freeware.
(278 Kb)
Stephen Ebbrell 08-AUG-2001 For End-User SQL creation by drag and drop, Enhanced Open Query Builder for IBO4 and Delphi 6, with Demo.
(4 Kb)
Nando Dessena 11-JUN-2001 A native IBO PageProducer. Freeware.
(499 Kb)
Vadim Vinokur 25-APR-2001 EMS QuickExport for IB Objects - D4 and D5 with samples.
(17 Kb)
Frank Ingermann 13-APR-2001 This package contains TIB_SynMemo, an adaptation of the TSynEdit open source editor control for the IBO native strain of components (TIB_*, not TIBO*) in Delphi 5. Current version is 1.000 (iow it's the first public release, so there may still be some bugs - but it works perfectly for my needs, so it may work for you, too.)
(865 Kb)
Paul Gallagher 26-FEB-2001 Original virtual treeview v. 2.26 IBO-aware descendant code.
(4 Kb)
Martin Schmid 17-NOV-2000 Alternative navigate, update and searchbar for IBObjects.
BCShellEx v. 1.1
(50 Kb)
Karsten Strobel   Shell extension for executing Beyond Compare (*) from inside Windows Explorer. Freeware, with Delphi source code
(*) Beyond Compare is Scooter Software's shareware tool (30-day evaluation) for comparing directories, files, etc., with plug-in file-readers, etc. available free to registered users.
OLE-DB Driver for IBO
(4 Kb)
Jason Wharton 17-JUN-2000 I have had an OLE-DB driver for InterBase 6.x working for a while now. I had hoped to add more capabilities for review before sending it out but I have been otherwise occupied. Rather than keep holding it back, I figured it would be worthwhile to show you what there is, so we all at least have somewhere to start.

Tools/IDE Extensions
DBAK alternative to GBAK
(EXE pack 1.6 Mb, sources 225 Kb) Kb)
Geoff Worboys 09-JUL-2004  
Executable, with full sources, alternative backup/database reconstruction utility. Can be compiled as a command-line or Windows application. Designed to enable backup and restore of databases, even if corrupt data are present. Freeware; full source code is now available under a free licence.
Firebird 1.5 Error Codes
(70 Kb)
Helen Borrie 30-APR-2004 Error codes, symbols and messages for Firebird 1.5, output from msg.fdb for Appendix X of "The Firebird Book".
(1.2 Mb)
Rohit Gupta 4-NOV-2003 Updated version, Interbase Viewer, utility for managing the IB/Firebird database, backing up and restoring, optimising queries, import and export of data and for managing data.
(145 Kb)
Herbert Senner 22-AUG-2003 The IBPE_Editors-Package contains a collection of StringList- and IB_StringList-Editors. The idea was to provide the IBO user with a kind of context-sensitive surface according to the actual SQL, for example avoiding the need to type TableNames (RelationNames), search for data type information or guess whether a certain property is applicable. The Editors are for D6, should work with D5, can be modified simply to work with D7 dcp's. By default the editors support some of Geoff’s EnhComponents (this can be disabled). Enclosed IBPE_Editors.rtf provides installation and build help. Critics, hints ideas are always welcome.
(800 Kb)
Ales Kahánek 23-APR-2003 DB Relation Viewer, version, utility for viewing your Firebird/InterBase tables graphically (similar to the graphical SQL interface of Access and some CASE tools). You can work on your metadata with another tool (e.g. IB_SQL), commit your work and then go back to the viewer and refresh the image. Read-only view, reports available. Latest version includes some bug-fixing which will affect previous stored models, see Ales' website for details.
(733 Kb)
Rade Vojvodic 20-DEC-2002 IB admin utilities: backup, restore, grant manager.
(1.4 Mb)
Lorenzo Mengoni 17-JUN-2002 Derived from IBConsole, using IB Objects for data access, a GUI tool to administer superserver versions of InterBase 6 or Firebird. Download as executable or Delphi 6 source code (Open Source, MPL/IPL licensing)
(768 Kb)
Zile 22-SEP-2001 Interbase Description Tool.
(713 Kb)
Helen Borrie Updated 10-JUN-02 Pdox2IB utility for converting a Paradox or dBase database to InterBase. Program creates a DDL script, generators, indices, allows editing before running the script to create the objects and has a datapump option. The Info file is a How-to and can be invoked from the toolbar. READ IT FIRST. Careful attention is needed to doing things in the right sequence.
(5 Kb)
Nick Josopovic (Kaputnik) 02-JUN-2001 Program to read IBO list archive.
(14 Kb)
Lele Gaifax 16-APR-2001 A set of Python modules to manipulate textual DFM replacing other components into IBO native equivalents.
InterBase Easy Pump
Marcello Mannino   InterBase Easy Pump is a small tool for Interbase/Firebird for copying data from one database to another, table by table. "Made in IBO", of course! :) Features disabling destination database triggers during copy, automatically synchronizing generator values between the two databases..and more.
(29 Kb)
Karsten Strobel   Utility for displaying users for the server.
(29 Kb)
Karsten Strobel   Utility for setting IB's affinity to a single CPU. Needed on SMP servers for InterBase databases < v.6.5, not needed for Firebird. IBServer has to run as an application for this to work.

Samples and Solutions
Helen Borrie 7-DEC-2004 A small demo project, source and exe, demonstrating how the TIBOBackupService can be used in an embedded server app - including some of the gotchas. An embedded app doesn't need a valid username and password for connection to succeed (as designed!); but a backup can be run under embedded with no username and password at all. Apart from that, it enforces the rule that only SYSDBA or the Owner may do a backup! Also - at least with this version of IBOAdmin - aliased paths are not recognised.
(1.2 Mb)
Hans Hoogstraat 2-SEP-2003 A small demo project using IBO and a component TDBJPGImage based on TDBImage, showing how to store images as JPG or BMP blobs with on-the-fly conversion and a few other interesting options. Includes sample database gbak'ed using Firebird 1.5 gbak, owner SYSDBA.
(?? Kb)
Frank Ingermann 24-AUG-2003 A little Firebird/IBO demo of a technique for storing data for a linked list. It's nothing fancy, but shows how to set up the table and the storedprocs for inserting/deleting/viewing the tree. In case you don't have IB Objects, you can copy the sql script for the database from the appMain.dfm.
(630 Kb)
Miro 20-AUG-2003 Collection of installation tips and techniques for getting Kylix 3 Builder to work on "non-certified" Linux distributions. PDF file, mostly in Portuguese, with a short section in English at the end.
(15 Kb)
Dmitry Beloshistov 20-DEC-2002 Example of how to organize registry entries in an ini file for an IB database.
(3 Kb)
Dmitry Beloshistov 20-DEC-2002 Utility code to check for incorrect NULLs in IB/FB data to avoid critical damage to database.
(11 Kb)
Malcolm Smith 04-SEP-2002 Resource (.res) files with replacement glyphs for some IBO Bar components in "Win2K style".
(90 Kb)
Helen Borrie 01-MAR-2002 Screenshot examples of using IBO native controls for a data entry application.
(182 Kb)
Helen Borrie 09-JAN-2002 Delphi and BCPPB 4 source for the screenshots and examples in the Getting Started with IB Objects guide (GSG) Warts 'n' all, by popular request. Includes source code, databases and readme.txt.
(493 Bytes)
Stephen Ebbrell 08-AUG-2001 For Currency/Real rounding problems, use the Roundprec function - mynumber := Roundprec(mynumber,2)
(40 Kb)
Lester Caine 24-JUL-2001 Builder 3 Projects for IBO4.
(269 Kb)
Carlos Cantu 12-JUL-2001 Let your users change the WHERE/ORDER BY with no knowledge of SQL ! - Delphi 4 demo version.
(272 Kb)
Carlos Cantu 12-JUL-2001 as above - Delphi 5 demo version.

Reporting Extensions
(97 Kb)
Andreas Hesse 29-MAY-2007 FastReport 4 native support of IB Objects: now with script support.
See included Help File for more Information.
(300 Kb)
Andreas Hesse 7-JAN-2006 Version 1.0.2 of IB Objects native support for FastReport v. 3.20. Sources are adapted to the new version of FR.
+ changed frxIB_RTTI unit for using with FR 3.20
+ added support for Report.OnBeforeConnect Event in TfrxIB_Database
See included Help File for more Information.
(60 Kb)
Rade Vojvodic 28-OCT-2003 IBOPipeline Delphi 7, Report Builder 6. Since I change to RB7 I had problems with numbers with more than 4 decimal places and problem with printing only current record (rangebegin, rangeend property). So, I adjusted some older version of the .pas file and now it works fine. This version does not have a pipeline editor but who needs it anyway?
(60 Kb)
Rade Vojvodic 19-NOV-2002 IBOPipeline Delphi 6, Report Builder 6 (also 5.56) with revisions to solve some incompatibility issues.
(11 Kb)
Alexsandr Chugunov 14-APR-2002 FastReport data access development environment, a project for integrating IBO and FastReport.
*** FastReport users please test and report comments to the list ***
(6 Kb)
Geoff Worboys 21-JUL-2001 Updated daIBO.pas unit for RBuilder 5.5.
(17 Kb)
Lester Caine 25-OCT-2001 Adds a IB_Query component to the FastReport Dialog page, so that custom reports can be generated in Design Package. IBO has moved on a bit, and the Param section never worked properly, but it still does the job if you put the SQL direct in the query. (- This is a little out of date, and I must try and find time to update it - L.C.)
(779 Kb)
Lester Caine 02-JUN-2001 Interbase version of Borland DEMOS and FastReport C5 IBO Example.
(14 Kb)
Geoff Worboys 03-APR-2001 ReportBuilder data pipeline for use with IBO V.3.x native components and RBv5.5 or later.