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Firebird icon Firebird - the open source project that is forging the future of our favourite database.
Go HERE for Firebird downloads.
IBPhoenix IBPhoenix - Support site for Firebird and Interbase. Contains a wealth of technical material, searchable knowledgebase, news and views about the open source database development, links, contacts for international tech support and more.
Powered by IB InterBase® - Product site for InterBase® commercial editions.
Rem Objects REM Objects SDK - Remoting framework for serious Delphi/Kylix/.NET developers. IBO support.
DevExpress Developer Express - award-winning GUI controls and RAD tools for front-ending your TDataset-compatible IBO database interface.
AstaTech ASTA Site - Components for building lightning-fast thin clients to access databases across the Internet via a server tier. 'Server Sanity' product for remotely managing a database. IBO support.
Ib Workbench InterBase® Workbench - A fast and easy to use InterBase® tool for the developer!
AIT logo A I T - Karsten Strobel's site (Germany) for downloading his freeware utilities, with Delphi source.
IBLogManager logo IB LogManager - Thomas Steinmaurer's tool for running background logging on your Firebird/InterBase database.

For latest information please subscribe to the IBLogManager forum.

Warmboot WarmBoot Systems - Carlos Cantu's Brazilian site in Portuguese and English, home of chcFilter component (downloadable trial versions available).
EMS EMS site - Home of EMS QuickDesk and the QuickExport components to enable your TDataset-compatible (TIBO*) data access objects to export from your IB/Firebird database to 12 most popular formats: MS Excel, MS Word (RTF), HTML, XML, TXT, DBF, CSV, SYLK, DIF, LaTeX, SQL and Windows Clipboard.
IBExpert IB Expert - Powerful database admin desktop for Firebird and InterBase. Features hyperlinked metadata editor, multiple database access, wide-ranging import capability, SP/Trigger debugging and more...
AdeptSQL AdeptSQL Tools - Home of the AdeptSQL visual database compare/diff script generator tool.
AEHoster AEHoster - Web hosting with Firebird and InterBase database servers. Full range of shopfront, security and custom services offered.
Scooter Software Scooter Software - Beyond Compare is a great tool for Delphi developers.
DB-Overnet DB-Overnet - A unique and powerful solution to delivering multi-tier applications. It has IB Objects templates too!
Project JEDI Project JEDI - Meeting-point on the Web for the Delphi community world-wide.
HREF Tools Corp HREF Tools Corp - A complete solution to delivering database driven WEB sites.
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