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(4.48 Mb)
Free Database Management Utility (Win32/Win64)
IB_SQL is a very nice complement to Firebird/InterBase development and administration, making many of your routine IDE and console tasks a snap.

Here are just some of the things you can do in IB_SQL:

EyeView Quickly and easily browse the data and metadata of your Firebird/InterBase Classic and Superserver databases
IB_Tool Store multiple layouts for easy retrieval of preferences for many different projects. Screen shots...
Queries Store multiple query forms for commonly accessed queries, for each layout preference
IB_Tool Create/Drop databases
IB_Tool Run scripts of multiple DDL & DML statements
IB_SQL Execute queries, view plans, search datasets, update/insert/delete records in-place. Screen shots...
IB_Tool Create/Alter/Drop tables, views, stored procedures, triggers, indexes, constraints, etc.
IB_Tool Create and set generators
IB_Tool Quickly view and modify source for stored procedures and triggers
EyeView Register and monitor events, logging time as they execute
IB_Tool Pump data between one database and another
IB_Tool Administer your server users (add, modify, delete) (IB 5.0 and above)

Develop skills for an easy transition to IBObjects because

  • naming conventions reflect the actual properties and methods of the components
  • this tool uses the same property editors as do IBObjects components in the Delphi IDE
    (In the IDE, properties are stored in the DFM file, whereas stand-alone IB-SQL stores them in the Registry database)