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IB Objects Native Data Access package [Part number IBO4NATIVE]:

Native data access components. Companion product to the native IB Objects visual controls.

TIB_DataSource takes care of the all the data linking between the native IBO access classes and the native IBO visual controls.
TIB_Query is the work-horse class for all scrollable datasets. It can be used for any SQL statement but ideally should be confined to scrollable selects because of a little extra overhead for managing bi-directional cursors.
TIB_StoredProc gives you the option of executing Stored Procedures through a dedicated class. Optimized handling of input parameters for non-selectable SPs.
Derived from TIB_Connection, TIB_Database objects can be used as an alternative to TIB_Connection when you don't care about explicit transaction control, i.e. you are happy to work with a BDE-like connection mechanism.