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TDataset-compatible Data Access package [Part number IBO4TDATA]:

Developer Express

Data access components inheriting from TDataset. Use these components for an easy transition from an existing BDE application. They connect to the Delphi TDatasource and use VCL and all your favorite third-party controls like DevExpress, InfoPower®, QuickReport and TeeChart.

This class completely emulates the VCL TTable, with some super new smarts to limit the unnecessary fetching that bogs TTable down.
Dual heritage from TDataset and TIB_Query makes this the component of choice for your BDE-to-IBO conversions. 100% emulation of TQuery with access to many of the native IBO dataset features as well. It can be used for any SQL statement.
Emulates TStoredProc.
Emulates TUpdateSQL for work with cached updates.
This TIB_Connection descendant emulates TDatabase and surfaces some useful native IBO connectivity properties.
This component inherits features from the native IBO transaction and makes it possible to develop your converted application to take control of transactions.