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IB Objects Tools package [Part number IBO4TOOLS]:

This package has all the nifty tools for database tasks like scripting, import/export, SQL Monitoring and more. The graphic also shows the optional NEW Full Text Search ("Fuzzy Search") and Replication components (available as separate modules).

Component for creating and manipulating DDL scripts in your application.
Include this component in applications for extracting metadata into your applications for plain text output.
Synchronously encapsulates client-side handling of InterBase/Firebird events, making use of TIB_Session's idle CPU cycle hooks.
Exports query or table output to text file.
Imports DBF or delimited text data into new or existing tables.
Pumps selected data or entire tables from one database to another. Data mapping can be manual or automatic.
This indispensible component builds SQL-monitoring right into your application, allowing simple tracing of query plans and performance bottlenecks. Enable and disable by setting one property. When disabled, it uses no resources.
Include this component in your application to gather statistics about your application and server performance. Enable and disable by setting one property. When disabled, it uses no resources.
Component used when implementing DML Caching in your application for synchronizing datasets across application boundaries. For more information about DML Caching please download the Tech Info sheet from the IB Objects web site.