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IB Objects Native Visual Controls package [Part Number IBO4VISUAL] containing:

Palette:  General Controls
Here are the native IB Objects visual controls for smooth, responsive GUI implementations when using the native IBO data access components.

Displays varchar or char columns as read-only text.
Manages optional automatic labelling of columns when displayed in edit-style controls.
Interactive date/time selection for user input.
Date column editing.
Editbox control.
Unstyled text BLOB editing..
RTF BLOB styled display and content editing.
Bitmapped image BLOB insertion and display.
Links selected item in the embedded listbox to a dataset column.
Links and displays selected item in the embedded drop-down grid to a dataset column for selection.
Links, displays or selects the value of a column defined to the application as Boolean.
Provides a radio button editing interface for columns where the stored value is one value from a small set.
"Double-data-aware" control for linking/selecting an item from a dataset displayed in its list to a column in another dataset.
"Double-data-aware" control for linking/selecting an item from a dataset displayed in its drop-down grid to a column in another dataset. This control can be embedded in an IB_Grid.
Data-aware control enabling variable formats and representations for decimal values that store currency. The same value can be switched between different currencies under user control at run-time according to input or stored exchange-rate constant. Ideal for applications that need to show Euro and local currency values concurrently. This control can be embedded in an IB_Grid.

Palette:  Grids
Specialized grid controls for use with the native IBO data access components.

The famous IB_Grid designed to respond to properties, states and linkages in the underlying native IBO scrollable datasets - it even displays Booleans as checkboxes in editing states! This grid can embed other data-aware components.
Control after the style of the VCL Control Grid, for flexible row layouts.
Ledger-style custom grid for implementing the spreadsheet-style layouts that accountants like to work with.
Control for displaying and manipulating IB/Firebird ARRAY type columns.
UI container for use when you want to display the output from a TIB_Cursor dataset.
Custom grid for displaying and modifying elements of rows in the application's dataset statements.

Palette:  Search Controls
Specialized components for wildcard, sorted and incremental searching and more. Includes TIB_SearchPanel, TIB_SearchEdit, TIB_IncSearch, TIB_ParamEdit, TIB_LocateEdit.
Panel-style control providing a criteria entry interface to a searched dataset.
Editbox-style control for entering search criteria.
Editbox-style control providing incremental search capability.
Editbox-style control for entering criteria for parameterized searches.
Editbox-style control for entering criteria for keyed searches.


Palette:  Bar Controls
All the famous native IBO toolbar-style controls for RAD interfaces. Each bar has a configurable button interface embedding the behaviors of numerous components. These bars have the capability to "follow" the focus of control from one datasource to another.
Buttons for connecting to the database, setting dialect, disconnecting, etc.
Buttons for controlling a transaction (start, commit, rollback, etc.)
Buttons for operating on executable statement components.
Buttons for operating on statements that return datasets, opening, closing, displaying, etc.
Buttons for operating on datasets that are being searched. Support is provided for all the ordering and mode mechanisms implemented in the datasets.
Native IBO implementation of the familiar dataset navigation control.
Buttons for controlling update modes, posting, cancelling for use on in data entry forms.
Buttons for invoking various IBO tools, e.g. scripting, datapumping, import, export, etc.

Palette:  Dialogs
Each of these controls packages a utility task as a ready-to-use dialog interface.
NOTE :: Many of these dialogs can be seen in action in the free IB_SQL database management program.
Dialog interface for entering and executing dynamic SQL statements, passing parameters, reading return values, etc.
For entering criteria for looking up a table and returning results.
Full dialog for browsing database metadata and tables and even editing data interactively.
For opening, creating and saving script files, editing, executing, etc.
For extracting metadata from selected objects, object types or a whole database and capturing output.
For registering events, watching events activity, etc.
Wraps a dialog around the IB_Export tool component.
For dumping the data contents of specified tables and non-BLOB columns out to a nominated text file, with specified field delimiter and separator.
Fully set up dialog, wrapping TIB_DataPump, for pumping data from one table to another between two databases or within a single database.
Fully set up dialog, wrapping TIB_Monitor, which can be dropped straight into your application to provide feedback on all aspects of your app's conversations with the database.
Fully set up dialog, wrapping TIB_Profiler, which can be dropped straight into your application to provide feedback on the statistics of your queries.

Palette:  Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous non-data-aware utility components - may vary from time to time.
Configurable, non-data-aware up/down spin control.
Non-data-aware date-picker.