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Subscription & Upgrade Policy

A subscription applies to the full version that is current at the time you begin using IBO for commercial purposes.
  • For example, if IBO 4 was the current full version at that time then your subscription applies to all sub-releases and patches of IBO 4 for the period of your subscription.
A subscription applies to the person in whose name the subscription was purchased---the subscriber. A current subscription entitles the subscriber to:
  • download the full source to IBO, including components not covered by the subscription
  • use the components to which the subscription applies for commercial development, indefinitely, without further extension of the subscription
  • deploy applications that use the components to which the subscription applies, indefinitely, without further extension of the subscription
  • use any components not covered by the subscription, for evaluation purposes only
  • download all new sub-releases and patches to the current version for one year from the date of initial subscription or for the period covered by an extension subscription, if it is less than one year
  • renew the subscription upon its expiry at the extension subscription rate applicable at the time the existing subscription expires. A six-month extension may be available.
  • upgrade the subscription at the upgrade rate applicable at the time the need to upgrade occurs, provided the existing subscription has not expired
When you first begin using IBO in a "for-profit" endeavor, this becomes your commercial usage anniversary date.

Under Trustware you are asked to be accountable for such usage and consider supporting the product with a contribution that is comfortable for you. You are asked to determine your own anniversary date and, from that point forward while you are using IBO, to keep your registration current.

Your initial "purchase" is a one-year subscription for access to and usage of IBO and any minor updates made during that period. Should you wish to keep using IBO and continue to receive minor updates past that original first year, it becomes your due to extend your contribution in six-month blocks.

If a new major release comes out six months after your anniversary date, you are again asked to consider an upgrade to make that jump up. To keep it simple, the suggested costs are the same for either extension or upgrade. When the Kylix suite is released out of beta, the same will apply to multi-platform coverage.

A subscriber is entitled to continue to use components for which a subscription was paid, and to deploy applications that use those components, indefinitely. However, once a subscription expires and is allowed to lapse, the extension and upgrade benefits cease to apply.

I do not want a case to arise where, because of hardship, a subscriber is forced to abandon IBO. If you think you have a special hardship case, you are more than welcome to write to me to request a reduction or waiver of your subscription dues for a reasonable period of time.

There are two kinds of upgrades:
  1. upgrading from one major version (e.g. IBO 3.x) to another (e.g. IBO 4.x)

  2. upgrading your subscription entitlements by extending from an individual module to a a bundled package
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